About B-Complex Vitamins

B-Complex is a synergistic combination of all the essential B vitamins along with Choline, Inositol, and PABA, which are important co-factors that enhance the therapeutic benefits of B vitamins. Most commercially available B-Complex supplements provide a minimum of 100% DV of all the B Vitamins including B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin), B5 (Pantothenic Acid), B6 (Pyridoxine), B9 (Folic Acid), and B12 (Methylcobalamin), along with Biotin, which is not technically a B Vitamin, but considered an important member of the B Vitamin family. Each member of the B Vitamin family is essential to promoting health in a crucial area of the body, including, but not limited to, the heart, nervous system, digestive system, immune system, metabolism, hormone production, and the development of genetic material.

Nutritionists advise that in order to obtain the right amount of B-Complex vitamins for a balanced diet, one must have at least 5 daily servings of fruits and vegetables, as well as grains, which most do not consume in their everyday diets. Furthermore, all 8 components of the B-Complex family are very closely related in nature and work in an intense cooperative fashion to properly perform their essential functions within the body. Therefore, taking a B-Complex vitamin ensures that one is getting a complete and effective source of the essential B vitamins needed for a healthy life.

About Whole-Food + Fermented B-Complex Gold

Whole-Food + Fermented B-Complex Gold is a combination of B vitamins that are sourced from either organic fruits and herbs or cultured in a blend of yeast, S. cerevisiae being the most common. Complexation of B vitamins with the food concentrate renders it more bio-available and this helps direct the micro nutrients to appropriate sites in the cell. An additional benefit of this synergistic blend of fermented and whole food B vitamins is that it is safe, natural, wholesome, and does not have the metallic aftertaste that is sometimes associated with synthetic vitamin isolates and provides individuals who do not wish to take synthetic vitamins a whole-food alternative.

Whole-Food/Food-based vs. Fermented/Cultured vs. Synthetic Vitamin Isolates

Whole-Food/Food-based vitamins - This is, without a doubt, the most overused and abused term in the supplements industry. Most companies use this term loosely to describe any vitamin product that is formulated entirely with synthetic isolates, but includes a small amount of fruit or vegetable powders to justify the description "food-based." This kind of labeling is fairly misleading and a disservice to customers who are actually looking for vitamins derived from food sources. If you see a product with a label that says "Whole-food," but does NOT list the food source that the vitamins (or other micronutrients) were extracted from, you can be sure that you are NOT getting a true whole-food supplement. Whole-Food + Fermented B-Complex Gold features Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B9 that are sourced from organic fruits and herbs and rightly deserves the description "Whole-food."

Fermented/Cultured vitamins - Whole-food vitamins are synthetic isolates that are cultured in a blend of nutritional yeast (S. cerevisiae being the most common) and other vital nutrients. The benefit of culturing isolated vitamins in this nutritional yeast blend is that it transforms the vitamin isolate into a food matrix that resembles food. This form of vitamins is safe, natural, wholesome, and does not have the metallic taste associated with synthetic vitamin isolates. This form of vitamins is also better assimilated/utilized by the body. The Biotin, B-12, Choline, Inositol, and PABA in Whole-Food + Fermented B-Complex Gold are in the fermented form.

Synthetic vitamin isolates - Although not ideal because they are synthetic and likely suffer from issues related to bioavailability, body-readiness for enhanced assimilation, and metallic/medicinal aftertastes, synthetic isolates are frequently used in commercial B-Complex Vitamins to achieve high doses of B vitamins without the premium price tag associated with whole-food/food-based vitamins. Synthetic B-Complex supplements also tend to produce side effects like nausea when taken on an empty stomach unlike whole-food/food-based vitamins that are safe, gentle, and nourishing enough to be taken even on an empty stomach. Whole-Food + Fermented B-Complex Gold does NOT contain any vitamin isolates in their synthetic form.

Health Benefits of Whole-Food + Fermented B-Complex Gold

  • Supports cellular energy production*
  • Supports cardiovascular health*
  • Supports overall emotional wellness*
  • Supports healthy, hair, skin, and nails*
  • Supports energy and the metabolism of essential proteins and fatty acids*
  • Supports glucose health*
  • Supports healthy brain and nervous system*
  • Supports healthy immune response*
  • Supports healthy growth and development*
  • Supports healthy hormone production*

B-Complex Gold (Whole Food + Fermented)

B-Complex Gold (Whole Food + Fermented)
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Vitamin B Complex Gold (Whole Food + Fermented) - Cellular Energy and Metabolism Support (120 veg capsules) by NutriGold
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  • Whole-Food + Fermented B-Complex Gold™ Highlights
  • Synergistic complex of B Vitamins sourced from either organic fruits and vegetable or cultured in nutritional yeast (S. cerevisiae)
  • Combination of fermented and whole-food forms of B Vitamins that are highly bio-available and easily assimilated by the body
  • Safe, gentle, and nourishing without the metallic aftertaste associated with synthetic isolates of B Vitamins - can be taken on an empty stomach
  • No magnesium stearate, stearic acid, dioxides, sulfates, artificial ingredients, or preservatives
  • Verified free of allergens by an independent, third-party lab
  • Verified free of GMOs by the Non-GMO Project™ Product Verification Program
  • Certified vegan and kosher
  • Manufactured to stringent cGMP standards
  • Whole-Food + Fermented B-Complex Gold™ Key Health Benefits: Supports cellular energy, cardiovascular and cognitive functions, emotional wellness, and healthy hair, skin, and nails.*

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Suggested Usage

As a dietary supplement, adults take one (1) veggie capsule 1 to 2 times daily, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 veggie capsule
Servings per Container: 120

Amount per
% Daily
Thiamine (100% organic ‡) 4 mg 300%*
Riboflavin (100% organic ‡) 4 mg 330%*
Niacin (22% Organic ‡; 78% fermented^) 29 mg 150%*
Vitamin B6 (100% organic ‡ as pyridoxine) 4 mg 220%*
Folate (100% organic ‡) 340 mcg 90%*
Vitamin B12 (100% fermented^ as methylcobalamin) 18 mcg 300%*
Biotin (100% fermented^) 500 mcg 170%*
Pantothenic Acid (100% organic ‡) 7 mg 80%*
Choline (100% fermented^) 25 mg
Inositol (100% fermented^) 25 mg
PABA (100% fermented^) 15 mg
‡Whole-food nutrient from organic guava, holy basil, and lemon.
^USP vitamins fermented in nutritional yeast S. cerevisiae
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet
†Daily Values not established


Please consult your healthcare provider before taking this supplement if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, and/or taking any OTC or prescription medications for a health condition. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Whole-Food + Fermented B-Complex Gold contain anything other than the active ingredient?
In addition to the active ingredient, B-Complex Gold contains a yeast concentrate that was used to culture some of the B vitamins (e.g. Niacin, Biotin, B-12) and their co-factors (Choline, Inositol, PABA). To some extent, this food concentrate is considered an integral part of the active ingredient and does not qualify as an additive or filler in the truest sense of those words.

Is Whole-Food + Fermented B-Complex Gold free of allergens and GMOs?
Whole-Food + Fermented B-Complex Gold is verified free of corn, egg, gluten, milk, peanut, shellfish, soy allergens by an independent lab. Individuals who have an allergy or intolerance to yeast or any of the other ingredients in the food concentrate that the fermented B-Complex is cultured in should consult their healthcare provider before taking the product. It is also verified free of GMOs by the Non-GMO Project™.

Is Whole-Food + Fermented B-Complex Gold suitable for vegans/vegetarians?
Whole-food + Fermented B-Complex Gold is certified vegan by Vegan Action.

Is Whole-Food + Fermented B-Complex Gold safe for long-term use?
Whole-Food + Fermented B-Complex Gold should be safe for both short-term and long-term use when taken as directed and under the guidance of a licensed pharmacist or healthcare professional.

Are there any known toxicity issues with B-Complex supplementation?
There have not been any reported toxic effects of B-complex supplements. In fact, most B-Complex supplements provide more than 100% of the RDI for most B vitamins. However, it is always best to consult with your healthcare provider regarding safe, daily dosages prior to taking the supplement.

What are the side effects, contraindications, and/or drug interactions, if any, associated with Whole-Food + Fermented B-Complex Gold?
B-Complex vitamins should not produce any side effects when taken as directed and recommended daily dosages are not exceeded. Consuming excessively high amounts of B-Complex, however, can produce moderate to severe side-effects including, but not limited to, flushing, dizziness, frequent urination, change in the color of the urine, black stools, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, redness of the skin and itching. In severe cases, individuals may develop an allergic reaction to one or more of the B Vitamins in the B-Complex formulation and this reaction may be characterized by rashes, itching, hives, and/or wheezing. If you experience any of these symptoms after taking Whole-Food + Fermented B-Complex Gold, please discontinue use right away and get professional medical assistance.

This product may interfere with certain laboratory tests (e.g., urobilinogen, intrinsic factor antibodies), possibly causing false test results. Make sure laboratory personnel and all your doctors know you use this product. Please also consult your healthcare provider before taking this product if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, and/or taking any OTC or prescription medication(s), especially altretamine, cisplatin, certain antibiotics (e.g., chloramphenicol), certain anti-seizure drugs (e.g., phenytoin), levodopa, other vitamin/nutritional supplements.

Is Whole-Food + Fermented B-Complex Gold suitable for individuals with a medical condition?
Individuals with diabetes, liver problems, or any other known or suspected medical condition, those planning a medical procedure, and women who are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding, should always talk to a licensed medical professional before supplementation. It is never advisable to self-diagnose or self-treat a medical condition.

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